My name is Dana, I grew up in Jerusalem. Growing up in Jerusalem has shaped a big part of my personality. Being exposed to conflict and social influences to identify with certain beliefs and reject the others, made me suffer limitations of freedom physically, mentally and spiritually. Nonetheless, it also nourished my curiosity to dive deeper into self-knowledge, and discovery. The questions of who am I without the belief constraints imposed on me lead me to Yoga. Yoga in its deep meaning of unity, transcending beyond the illusion of separation, has become a powerful tool in my personal transformation. From a limited self that seeks to be accepted through belonging to a certain group of people, to a higher self that believes in the limitlessness and expansiveness of human experience. Since 2015, I have completed a few yoga teacher training courses including; 200 hours of Hatha yoga with yogalife in Belgium, 50 hours of restorative yoga with Ela Veda, and 40 hours of vinyasa yoga with Shiva Rea. My yoga mat has been my sacred sanctuary, where I take time to breath life into my inner self realizations. The more I practice, the more I realize the precious gift of being alive, surrounded by other fellow human beings. Yet, it also strikes me how disconnected we can be.

  • DANA